Flashback Friday

Cape Cod. My happy place. I think I'm going through withdrawl. In a couple months it will be a year since we've been. We usually go twice a year, three times if we can. Last year it just didn't work out that way. It was Anthony's first vacation, at just 2 months old. He and Matthew are seasoned travelers. Yet of all the places we've been, Matthew asks to go back to "Cay-Cod" over and over again. I think it's his happy place, too.

Ice, ice baby...

Some of these look to be almost 3 feet long. Kind of cool looking, unless this is what also hangs over the entrance to your garage, and when it melts ever so slowly, forms a miniature skating rink on the ground below. Good times...

In other news, they're calling for snow flurries today. You know, 'cause it's been a while (insert sarcasm here).

I promise, this will not be the snow/ice blog. Promise, pinky swear, cross my shoelaces and all that jazz.


Hi, I'm new here.

Kind of excited to have a blog, a place to jot down my random thoughts, give people a peak into my head (warning: it can be a little scary in there sometimes...), share some pictures. I still have some setting up to do, be patient with me.

In the mean time, can we talk about snow? I was never much of a winter person. I don't mind a couple of inches; a nice little dusting, something pretty to look at while I sit in my jammies sipping my coffee (cream, no sugar), watching my boys play. But this, this is not pretty. It's insane. My husband is out there right now, digging us out of the 8" or so we got hit with overnight. On top of the 6" we had a few days ago, on top of the 14" we got before that, and so on. The worst part, it's not melting. There is no place to put this white stuff!! Looking out my dining room window onto the deck, it's up to the window. I don't like it one bit. "So why do you live in New England??" you may ask. Because I do, because this is where my family planted me...and because I like it here. Except this winter, with this constant snow. I'm trying to see it through the eyes of my almost 4 year old, but I think even he's done.