Speech Therapy

I've been talking a lot about Matthew, with him turning 5 and starting kindergarten...well now it's Anthony's turn. Oh this child is so sweet and cute and funny. And the other day he had his 6 month speech therapy evaluation. Dawn has been coming to our house once a week, and while I can't quite explain HOW she does it, the sessions have helped him tremendously.

Just for reference, during her first visit 6 months ago, she wrote down that Anthony had about 8-9 words that he would say on a regular basis; he would point and say Mmm-mm for anything he wanted. He would get frustrated easily because he was not able to communicate his wants and needs.

Now, just 6 short months later, he is using 3-4 (and sometimes 5) word sentences. He no longer grunts to communicate, he no longer points unless it's accompanied by words. He repeats everything. He sings songs. And while some people might still have a hard time understanding him, his progress makes my heart sing. Even Matthew gets excited and starts cheering him on when he masters a new word or phrase. The next step is to work on articulation, and just keep on increasing the language. These services will end once he turns 3, and if he needs additional help beyond that, we would go through the West Hartford School system.

We are so very proud of our boy. He's worked so hard (and let me tell you, Speech Therapy is hard work! I'm exhausted after the hour long visit.), and he's so proud of himself. And we could not love this little bundle of cute any more than we already do.

He dressed himself that morning...complete with Matthew's rain boots.