Hi, remember me?

I'm Monika. I used to blog here...you know, tall, blonde...wait no, that's not quite right.

Anyway, yes I suck. I don't update. Have I ever mentioned that I am not the master of the follow-up? No? Well, I'm not. But regardless, here I am, 3 years later. We've been busy in a "not so busy" sort of way. You know what I mean...at least you do if you have kids: errands, laundry, playing, reading...wait - can I sneak in a shower today?! Awesome! Oh and quick, spray the house with Pledge so it smells like I cleaned (don't tell me you don't know that trick!). We've been spending most of our mornings and afternoons outside. Oh and literally JUST got back from a trip to the Cape. My happy place. Weather sucked, but hey - we were at the Cape, how bad could it have been, right?

I will do my best to update more often, for the one person who requested it (giggle). But in the meantime, swoon over this. My view during our after dinner walks.

It's ok, you can say it...your heart melted a little, huh?