If a tree falls in the forest...

Ok, that title has nothing to do with this post. I am feeling uninspired title-wise, so this is what you get.

I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged. I kept meaning to, would sit down only to be pulled away in one direction or another. And now, I don't know where to pick up. So here is an overall update on the boys.

Matthew started his 2nd year of preschool this fall (am I the only one who wants to capitalize the f in fall??). What a difference a year makes. While I know he liked school last year, he was so reserved and quiet. I knew he wouldn't be one of those kids running into the arms of his teacher, that's just not who he is. But I longed for him to participate more and show the world the Matthew we see. However, I know that it had to be in his own time, on his own terms. And so it was. He no longer needs daddy to carry him into the class while he pretends to sleep on his shoulder. He shares stories with his teachers. He's more assertive and outgoing. While still being sweet. He's very much into numbers, honing his math skills on a daily basis. Throughout the day you can hear him adding and subtracting. "Mommy, 5 plus 4 is 9!" He did NOT get this interest from me. Math was never my strength, it's a wonder I can balance my checkbook. But I love that he loves it. He's also starting to draw. Not just scribble across a paper, but draw things that look like real things. When we would do arts and crafts before, he would usually ask me to draw or color something while he watched. He was just not interested. Well, all of a sudden he is. Woot woot.

Anthony is still my little sugar-dumpling-puppy-face. Such a lover, this one is. Still not much of a talker, but we communicate in our own way. At his 18 month check up, his pediatrician wanted him to double his words by the time he reached 21 months. He's pretty much there, but still doesn't say many words proactively. Basically he can repeat a word, or his version of...but when I ask him what something is, he just smiles at me, points to it, and grunts. When I ask him to get something or do something, he knows exactly what I'm talking about. He understands, just won't talk. As of today he can say the following: momma/mommy, dadda/daddy, baba (babcia), nigh-nigh, mo-mo, ba-boo (bottle/milk), woof-woof, mooo (his own little version), shhhhh, hot, uh-oh, more, ball, Nih-nih (Niki), dirty, this, and up...I might be forgetting a couple. So he did double his words, which is wonderful and puts my mind at ease a little. And while his vocabulary might be limited, the child can hum "Bah-bah Black Sheep" like no other. He's got mad skillz in this department.

So there you have it. Now I must go and cuddle my Super Ninja, who isn't feeling so hot today.