SAHM Jackpot

So a couple of months back, we made friends with our neighbor 2 houses down. They moved in this past winter. They have triplet girls (I repeat, triplet girls) who are almost 3.5 and as sweet and cute as can be. So we hung out a few times, went to the park, had impromptu playdates here and there. The kids always had fun. The girls LOVE Matthew's lawnmower collection (5). And the mom and I hit it off from the start. We seem to have the same (sick) sense of humor, dish out sarcastic remarks left and right, and pretty much believe in the same things as far as our kids are concerned. It's like hitting the jackpot in the stay-at-home-mom casino. Ding Ding Ding!!! And one day, we started walking together. No, not hand in hand...walking to get fit! We make the other walk when we'd rather be laying on the couch smearing Edy's triple something in our faces. I think that's like the grade school equivalent of having sleep-overs. Did I mention she loves Bon Jovi?! I KNOW!!!!!

There are two problems. 1) She's not a fan of cheese. I'm really trying to get past this one. How can people NOT love cheese, in its cheesy goodness? And 2) She doesn't own a SINGLE stroller. GASP. I mean technically it's ok, since I currently have 5 in my garage which is just enough for my 2 boys and her 3 girls, but still. NO STROLLER? This will be harder to get over than the cheese thing...thank God for Bon Jovi...


An Interview with Matthew - July 2011

1. My favorite food: Pizza
2. My favorite sport: soccer
3. My favorite movie: Cars
4. My Favorite TV show: Backyardigans
5. Most favorite thing about school: Painting, doing puzzles, story-time and giving my teachers gifts
6. The thing I am the best at: Riding my bike and my scooter
7. My favorite color: Red
8. What I want to be when I grow up: A firefighter, a doctor, a police officer, and a teacher
9. A word that describes me: Smart
10. When I was little, I used to: Sleep in a crib and drink mommy's milk
11. A favorite memory I have is: Going to our little friend's house and going to my school to buy a recordian (accordion)
12. Favorite thing to do with daddy: Helping him wash our car and putting gassy-gas in it, and fixing things.
13. Favorite thing to do with mommy: Making sandcastles and playing
14. Favorite thing to do with Anthony: kissing and hugging him, and holding his hand
15. A food I don't like: Peas
16. My best friend is: All our little friends
17. If I could have one wish, I would wish for: Chocolate cake
18. Favorite place to go on vacation: Florida
19. Favorite thing to do on vacation: Go swimming and play mini golf

(These are his unedited answers. Thanks for the idea Cindy!)


Random Rants.

Everyone loves a good rant, right?

1. To the mom at the park telling her mom friend how her baby needs to move to a convertible car seat soon, but she "just can't see paying that much for a seat": Yes, you're right...those Tory Burch flats you're sporting are a much more sound investment. (By the way, you don't need to spend a lot for a decent seat.)

2. To the woman at Stop & Shop mumbling "he needs a swat on the butt" under her breath as she stood behind me in line watching a fit throwing Anthony try to smack me because I would not let him out of the cart: yes, you're right. What was I thinking?! That will SURELY calm him right down, and won't confuse him at all when I say "we don't hit".

3. To the ice cream man who comes down our street during lunch time, dinner time, and right at bedtime: I am thinking very unkind thoughts towards you, which I will not type out here. Are you TRYING to piss me off? Bring it on.

4. To the "young adults" who drop the F-bomb in every sentence while hanging out at the baby/toy/kid's clothing section of Target: No, you don't sound cool. Yes, I did just ask you to watch your mouth. And yes, I am "for real".

5. To my hubby, who just made himself a peanut butter sandwich and left a trail of crumbs on the counter: honey, really?? I, too, keep waiting for the cleaning fairy to show up, but she never does. I think we need to make peace with that. (For the record, I did ask him to wipe them up and he did, and only grunted twice.)