Weeks 22 - 29

Week 22

Sun., June 10 - Anthony and I at the Sottile Family Summer Picnic at Greg and Melissa's house. It was a beautiful 85 degree day! The boys had so much fun playing with their cousins, and we enjoyed catching up with family that we don't get to see very often.

Week 23

Sat., June 16 - Skull Island Mini Golf at the Cape. Even Anthony got in on the action. And while we're not quite ready to sign a contract with Titleist, they do ok. More importantly, they love it.

Week 24

Sun., June 17 - Father's Day at the Cape. It was a gorgeous day - sunny, breezy, perfect. We went to First Encounter Beach for a bit.

Week 25

Thurs., June 21 - Carlie's Birthday! The boys and I spent the day at Winding Trails, awaiting her arrival. The four of us got to visit her just a couple hours after she was born.

Week 26

Thurs., June 28 - We had a small gathering to celebrate my birthday. I love the top picture with Matthew, and just laugh at the flame of candles on the second one. There really weren't THAT many on there. And yes, I had two cakes. You can never have too much cake, I always say. 

Week 27

Wed., July 4 - Hanging out at my sister's house. Matthew was way too busy riding his scooter to stop and take a picture. 

Week 28

Sat., July 21 - We were at my sister's and Matthew and Anthony wanted to have a dance party. Polka was the genre of choice, which they listen to when in my mom's car. Niki snapped this after we all collapsed on the couch. 

Week 29
Sun., July 22 - Just another day at the beach. Life's tough, I know...Gone are the days when Anthony would take a nap in the stroller. This day we was so very tired, didn't want to play, didn't want to be in the water, and just curled up on my lap. I started singing to him and off he drifted. He took about a 1 hour nap on me. Loved every second of it.