2011: Year in Review.

  We got LOTS of snow in January!

 Anthony turned ONE in February!

 We took a trip to Charleston, SC, end of March for Isaac's birthday.

      Here we are that the birthday Party...

   ...and enjoying a game of mini-golf in April.

 Matthew chowing down during his birthday dinner at Rainforest Cafe in May.

  Visited the Mashpee Children's Museum (Cape Cod) in June.

  Celebrated Sean & Helen's wedding in July.

   Vacationed in Pompano Beach, FL in August.

   Matthew started his second year of preschool in September...

...and we managed to sneak in one more trip, this time to Disney!

Took a walk in the "magical woods" in October.

 Spent Thanksgiving at the Cape in November.

  And hope that you had a wonderful Christmas in December.

Thanks for spending this past year with us! We wish you joy, love, and laughter in 2012.

The Russos


Anthony is 22 months old today.

He is TWO months away from being TWO. Eeeek! He still seems like a baby to me, because he's still so babyish in so many ways I guess.

Anyway, not sure what inspired this all of a sudden, but here are 22 things I love about my 22 month old, in no particular order:

1. His eyes. Those big puppy dog eyes.
2. His ability to work the lower lip when upset. He doesn't make a sound, no tears are shed, but the lip speaks volumes.
3. His independence. He has to do everything on his own terms, pushing me away and refusing help even when he is so so frustrated.
4. The "I did it myself!" look when he nails something. He is so proud of his accomplishments.
5. I love that he loves most things I cook. I know this won't last forever.
6. The way he cuddles his "baby dog", and holds him by his tail when falling asleep. Sometimes he likes to rub his tail across his nose. So cute.
7. His wispy hair, especially when it gets a little curl in it when he's sweaty or hot.
8. The way he runs. Cute little waddle.
9. How he attacks my mom's handbag for a lollipop before she can even get through the door. He knows exactly which pocket she keeps them in.
10. His love for Matthew.
11. His love of books.
12. His ability to communicate, even though he still can't seem to find the words.
13. His love for the outdoors.
14. How well he adjusts to vacations. My little seasoned traveler.
15. The feeling of his little chubby hand in mine.
16. Our bedtime cuddles on the glider.
17. Our morning snuggles in our bed.
18. His gentle manner with other children, especially babies. And animals.
19. His love of avocado. He gets that from me.
20. Hide 'n seek. He hides under the dining room table. Every single time.
21. The way he says (yells) mom-meeeeeeeee!
22. His smell. The smell of his hair, his sweet baby breath, even his stinky little piggy-toes. I wish I could bottle his scent.



I did it. I bought anti-aging cream. Revita-something-or-other. You know the commercial...better than the $3,000 cream. Yeah, ok. I kept staring at myself in the mirror and noticed something. I'm...gasp...aging. Not only that - I'm "aging" more on one side of my face than the other. I kid you not. The left side of my face apparently thinks it's 10 years older than the right. I don't know what age the right side of my face thinks it is, but for whatever reason it is not keeping up with the left. Which is fine...although I would prefer an even face. Right now I look like a before and after...but they are both now. Not before. Not after. During? So right now this is me:

I know, barely noticeable. But I notice it. Every morning. So back to the "anti-aging cream". Let's talk about the name for a second, shall we?? It's not anti-aging. It will not STOP me from aging. I hate to break it to you, but we all age. So yes, it's anti-wrinkle cream...which still isn't accurate because I will continue to get wrinkles. Supposedly some will just not be as noticeable as others...or at least AS noticeable as their counterpart on the other side of my face. I will let you know how Revitaface works. So far I am impressed, one use in. I felt firmness and tightening, just like the jar said I would. And you know if it says so on the jar, it has to be true.

Oh and riddle me this: This side of my face that is on the accelerated program to Wrinkle-World (which is NOTHING like Disney World, I assure you) is also the same side of my body that has the smaller boob, same boob that produced less milk for my brief nursing relationship, and has the slightly smaller hip. Coincidence? Me thinks not. My body is revolting against me. Or at least half of it is.

Disclaimer: I am not against aging, showing signs of aging, laugh lines, etc. I am against an uneven face.