Dear Santa,

My name is Matthew Derek. I'm writing a letter to you because I would like a red guintar, with some 5 guintar picks, and one black guintar pick holder. And I want a guintar case and a guintar strap, too. I wish I could get a toy fire fighter tank so I could hang it on my back, with an air mask because it plugs into it. And a new fire fighter's helmet except a red one, and a beige fire fighter pants and jacket that has these kinds of gloves.

For Hampy Anthony I would like a hat with a little bit of string sticking out and some glasses because I want him to be the man that makes sure if our song beed too loud, or too quiet, or just right. And I want another thing for me. Some roller skates with knee pads, arm pads, and shoulder pads. And a skate board with some leg pads. And I would like a Bat Man costume with blue boots and muscles and for Hampy a doctor's kit in case I get sick riding my roller skates and my skate board. Some special boots for it. Oh wait, one more thing for me...a little toy super fast jet plane and a little toy super fast jet plane for Hampy, too.

We're gonna leave you some home-made cookies with a glass of milk and carrots for Rudolph. I am a good boy and I listen to mommy and daddy, and we set up a beautiful Christmas tree for you to see. I help by cleaning up and I help daddy put out the garbage sometimes, and I always wear my snow boots while it's snowy on the grass or on the side walk.