Reconnect. And Repair.

Some days, things start out rough but end well. Other days start out great, but go down hill with every passing minute. We've all had THAT day (or week). It's the day your children wake up way too early, and have 18 requests before your feet even hit the ground. It's the day you break up a sibling war before you've even had your first sip of coffee. It's the day that all the aches, fatigue, and stress from the past week build up into one unsuspecting moment, and you're staring at a simple request or conflict turned massive meltdown. For everyone. And it's the day I want to be anywhere but here, in this moment, because I can't stop the cycle. And every spoken word oozes frustration, every breath a tired sigh.

And it is this kind of day that I think "maybe I need to change my attitude if I want my child to change his". Maybe I need to force myself to laugh. When getting on the floor for a game of "tackle and tickle" is the last thing I want to do, maybe it's just the thing I need to do. When I really didn't want to play cars, I should have just played cars. Or maybe we both need a release. A total utter emotional breakdown. A good, long, gut-wrenching cry.

Yes. That did it.

He sobbed into my arms in his room. He cried getting ready for bath. He cried during and after. He cried until the tears stopped flowing and his throat was sore. And finally he said "I just had a really bad day". Me too, buddy. But it doesn't have to end on a bad note; we don't have to give up and let the bad day win. We can reconnect. And repair.

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