Isn't it funny how certain things just tug at our hearts, make our eyes fill with those oh-so bittersweet tears. Looking ahead to the "new" while we cling to the "old"...the "now", wishing to savor it just a little longer.

Anthony is exactly two weeks away from his third birthday. He is now pretty much potty trained (aside from naps and night time). And tomorrow he finally moves into a big boy bed. He's very excited about his space ship bedding, and can't wait to have an Angry Birds birthday cake. He tells everyone he sees that's he's going to be THREE and go to preschool. And I smile proudly, trying to remember where the time went. Eager to jump head first into this new adventure...holding on to the present for just a bit longer. The signs of any babies living in this house are slowly disappearing - no more bottles or gates, no diapers or changing table, and tomorrow, no more cribs...

As I write this, he's napping in his crib for the last time. Snuggled up in the far left corner with his mo-mo and puppies. Dream big, sweet boy...new adventures await.

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